Putting Greens

TurfScapes putting greens are made of a revolutionary synthetic turf that will hold the ball and give the golfer the desired response according to the selected approach, such as biting on the green - and chipping from the fringe or bunker feels natural real as well. The green’s putting characteristics are predictable – you feel like you are on real grass. You can choose your green’s putting speed – fast, medium, or slow – according to Stimp meter readings. To maintain a constant challenge, we can design the green to have any number of breaks, which you can read just like a real grass green. Our infill system, which consists of crumb rubber and silica sand, gives you the feel of putting on an actual Bent Grass green.



TurfScapes installs an amazing synthetic grass that looks and feels like natural grass. Lawns look incredibly beautiful everyday, four seasons a year. Imagine a picture-perfect lawn without the need for mowing, irrigation, thatch, weed, insect, and disease control. This lawn is environmentally friendly, won’t mildew, is UV stabilized, prevents glare, won’t fade, and resists pet stains. The infill system, consisting of crumb rubber, makes it soft and safe; children and pets love it.
TurfScapes has installed quality artificial turf for hotels in areas where real grass would not withstand heavy foot traffic and prolonged periods of irrigation shut down.



TurfScapes has successfully installed synthetic turf in numerous commercial dog/veterinary care facilities. This grass is able to withstand wear, tear and pet waste and yet continues to look and feel like real grass. With the simple use of carpet/upholstery/pet deodorizers, turf odors are minimal. This turf is a cost effective solution for an attractive and yet practical home or commercial lawn where pet lovers can have the best of both worlds.